Lunarmech has an international presence and a proven track record in the manufacture of high-quality Polymer Valves.

Whether for flexibility of design and construction or for unrivalled handling of vacuum, high pressures, temperatures, viscosities as well as different media, Lunarmech valves have established themselves as the undisputed choice among all polymer valves, commanding industry-wide recognition.

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Our value proposition

Lunarmech prides itself on delivering a complete, fully-tested and fully-customized package to the customer. No empty boast this, the tangible-and unique- benefit of choosing the Lunarmech experience is that valves can be customized according to the customer’s needs based on a large variety of end applications:

  • Material (based on priority)
    • For optimising polymer flow-cast iron valves
    • For ensuring material integrity-forged or welded constructions
  • Seats (based on start-up conditions)
    • Valves provided with/without replaceable seats
  • High Pressure Sealing (based on pressure)
    • Different grades of stellites
    • Especially tapered seat to achieve a tangential “zero force” seal
  • For Vacuum tightness
    • Special Helicoflex sealing ring
  • Performance and Seat Testing (based on conditions of operation)
    • High/Low Temperatures
    • High Pressure or Vacuum
    • With Helium/Nitrogen/Water

The Lunarmech Advantage

  • Unrivalled customization
  • Fool proof, impeccable inspection and testing procedures
  • Elimination of “dead” and “slow” spaces
  • Avoiding impurities
  • Reducing residual times

Classification of Valves

For more information on our valves, contact us now to speak to one of our technical consultants.