Strand Pelletizers

Strand Pelletizers

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  • Pelletizing is a very important process in the production of polymer pellet production, which involves converting molten polymer into pellets.
  • The conversion process may involve water, air or any other media as a cooling intermediate.
  • Allowance is made for the resistance time and cutting the polymer according to its Vicat point.
  • The process is accomplished by means of a mechanical device and the polymer is cut into globular or cylindrical pellets, based on the process and cutting appliance adopted.

Pelletizing today is applicable right from the lab to large industrial conversions in any size and process be it virgin polymers, compounds, master batches or re-cycling process in the polymer industry.

Lunarmech, along with its associates and joint venture partners, has pride of place in this industry, combining the highest quality with competitive pricing, resulting in lower investment and, due to superior quality, lower maintenance costs.

This allows our buyers to strike the right balance between project cost, quality of the end product and maintenance costs on a year to year basis, thus allowing the end users a clean edge over their competition.

The Lunarmech Advantage

Lunarmech has been a front runner in this area of application locally and overseas with three decades of expertise in delivering high-tech pelletizing solutions for variety of applications covering a large spectrum of the Polymer Industry.
Lunarmech advantages are:

  • Manufacture using corrosion-resistant steels
  • Cutting rotors are made of chrome steel, SS, Stellites and TC-edged for operations where wear-resistance is required
  • Pelletizers are rugged in construction, easily can be housed at aligned with upstream equipment and are conducive for most optimal pelletizing polymers like PA6,PET,ABS,HDPE,LDPE,PP,Glass Filled/Unfilled
  • Systems can be operated by variable motors or by frequency drives
  • Cost effective therefore, economic to run
  • Reliable – simple and robust
  • Maintenance-friendly – feed rolls and the cutting tools are easily accessed, cleaned and quickly replaceable

Classification / Selection of strand pelletizers and corresponding rotors basis end application

For more information on our Strand Pelletizing Systems, contact us now to speak to one of our technical consultants.