Filtration Systems

Filtration Systems

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  • Lunarmech with its unique position in the field of Polymer production for Industrial applications, has developed a complete range of Polymer Filtration systems (OFS) meaning on line filtration systems, suitable for applications in Polymer continues plants, film plant & POY/FDY spinning plants.
  • OFS systems have been re-invented by Lunarmech for their adaptability, compactness, higher outputs/m2,rugged construction using world-class grade of special steel, gland packing to withstand high pressure and specially developed insulation material ensuring minimal heat loss has been the merit in favour for use in variety of end applications.
  • Lunarmech has been in this area of expertise and manufacturing for over two decades and has acquired a considerable share of the local market as well as a very competitive one in the international market. Customers locally in all sectors of Polymer production, rely on the design flexibility, quality of the systems matching every international standard.
  • Lunarmech‘s position of strength in this sector by itself is the name to reckon with locally and internationally, hence it commands a very special status as “The solution providers” to the industry at large.


Our Value Proposition

  • Complete Customized solutions – with optimised designs and ease of handling and operations
  • Impeccable after sales service and delivery of spare parts, along with the services for import substitution to the entire polymer industry locally and abroad
  • Full range of OFS on offer, be it horizontal or vertical, from lab-sized equipment to large sized duplex vertical systems, for the entire spectrum of the polymer industry
  • 100% material integrity
  • High pressure sealing systems
  • Fool proof, impeccable inspection and testing procedures
  • Elimination of “dead” and “slow” spaces
  • Avoiding impurities
  • Reducing residual times


Classification of Polymer Filtration Systems


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