In the pelletizing process, in many cases the pellet cutting operation occurs underwater- in particular with the USG strand pelletizing and SPHERO underwater pelletizing systems. For these applications, Lunarmech has developed the following types of pellet dryers.

  • AERO impact dryers
  • CENTRO centrifugal dryers


The drying operation as part of the pelletizing process consists of 3 individual steps

  1. Pre-dewatering: up to 95% of process water is removed by gravitational force
  2. Primary drying: water drops adhering to the pellets are largely removed through airflow or mechanical movement
  3. Final drying: The residual heat of the pellets is used to evaporate the remaining surface moisture


  • Impartial advice on the optimal drying solution as per customer needs
  • All machine parts coming into contact with the product are corrosion resistant
  • Wide range of operating capacities from small quantities up to 22000 kg/hr.
  • For virgin polymers and compounds; cylindrical and spherical pellets; products with any fillers or reinforcements; standard size and micro pellets

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