Die heads

Die heads

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Lunarmech Extrusion heads/ Die heads are associated systems applicable to industries involved in the production of Polymers, films and profiles for industrial use.

Lunarmech is a niche producer of extrusion heads/ die heads applicable in the field of polymer production, be it in the field of extruders to produce plastic compounds, master batches or virgin polymers by way small strand Pelletizing lines or large sized continuous polymer production plants using high speed pellet production lines.

However, Lunarmech does not produce or manufacture film extrusion or filament production web Die heads.

Lunarmech with its in house design and manufacturing capabilities and access to technology, is capable of delivering systems as components or complete integrated systems with pelletizing equipments.

Lunarmech’s systems are designed around world class updated specifications to suit any requirements that a customer demands, from world class applicable steels and are suited for electrical or medium heated, with or without integrated shut-off valves.

Lunarmech has been a marked supplier of such systems for the local polymer industry and overseas producers.

  • Electric/Liquid/Steam heating, depending on the system
  • Absolutely uniform melt distribution
  • Wear protection on die plates(for abrasive products)
  • Swivel joints for quick access to extruder screw( in WSG systems)
  • Rheologically optimized product channels(in M-USG systems)
  • Scraper device for efficient production start-up(in M-USG systems)
  • Fast change of cutting head/die-plate
  • Die head widths ranging from 100mm to 600mm
  • Optimized flow channels based on new developed calculation models
  • Easy cleaning
  • Very good handling

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