Our state-of-the-art engineering department equipped with the latest CNC Machines has turned Lunarmech into a unique specialist in design and manufacturing of the complete Washing Line Systems.

Washing and separator systems- Components and Working

  • A sink float tank equipped with a hydro cyclone that separates the light floating polyolefin from the heavier materials(mainly PET).
  • A washing machine with both fixed and rotating knives that create agitation which separates dirt and adhesives from the scrap in cold water.
  • The second sink float tank includes a hydro cyclone that carries out the final separation of the remaining glue particles and polyolefin’sfrom the lighter materials released during the washing process.
  • The centrifuge performs the final process that allows the product to have 2-3% residual moisture.

The Lunarmech advantage

  • Use of cold water – Usual chemical additives like detergent or soda are not used.
  • The Lunarmech assurance: no chemical additives and very few PPM fibre/paper remaining in the final product.
  • The Lunarmech technology is suitable for other recyclable scrap material such as milk jugs, ground blocks
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