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Production of granular plastic materials can generate(mainly during start-up and shut-down) faulty fractions in the form of excess length particles . These outsizes can cause trouble in subsequent plastics processing, in particular during extrusion, and must therefore be removed from the granular material.Therefore, Lunarmech has developed its extensive range of Classifiers to effectively address this issue.

Our Methodology

  • To cause the excess length particles to slip flat across the screen apertures, a directional vibration is imparted to the screen deck, using gravitation to help convey the material.
  • A blank deck is located in the feeding area for smoothing the screen feed and levelling the excess length particles. Perforated plates with a smooth surface and rows of holes staggered in the direction of conveyance are used as screen decks.
  • Our machines have a slightly inclined screen and vibrating motors mounted laterally at a small angle of incidence. This enables screening to take place at a very low vertical acceleration, ensuring flat conveyance of excess length particles.
  • The vibrating motor can be pivoted through a given angle for optimum adaptation to the fed rate. The screening efficiency depends on the ratio of width of hole and particle size.

The Lunarmech Advantage

  • 2-deck versions available for additional screening of fine particles
  • Stringent clean ability and ease of operation requirements met
  • The perforated screen plate is manufactured from a sheet plate and therefore has no fissures or sharp-edged corners which could impede cleaning
  • The lower screen frame required in the two-deck version is also designed as a screen cage
  • Machines with screen drawers and pneumatic tensioning are also available

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