• The LUNARMECH MACHINEN FABRIC LIMITED (LMFL) group of companies, a name synonymous with innovation and a high standard in its products, has been specializing in the fibre, film, man-made resin, automotive, food and beverage industries for over two decades. The group objective is to make cost effective, user friendly products and equipment.
  • To achieve this objective, the group has relentlessly perused applied research and technology to manufacture state-of-art precision equipment in the field of palletizing. Teams of highly motivated engineers employed in a creative environment work continuously to improve the quality and the performance of the group products.
  • LMFL, through its dedicated workforce, is committed to maintaining high industrial standards in its productivity and product quality. Retaining our focus on our customers, our products are developed and engineered to the customer’s satisfaction.
  • With an average growth rate of 10% per year and 100 employees in one single manufacturing facility, LMFL is a diversified speciality equipment producer in the field of pelletizing.
  • The company delivers a broad range of products and services in combination with our JV partners to about 10 countries around the world. At LMFL we combine engineering and innovation to provide pelletizing systems for small and large units.
  • http://www.weberik.com/easynoti/images.php

  • This commitment helps our customers to succeed in their environments while our company and its employees thrive as a community in service.

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